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Changes happen all the time in our lives and the hardest thing is to keep up with them. One of the biggest changes that has taken place in the last century has been the way man is perceived from an economic perspective. If in the beginning of capitalism people were perceived as “living tools”, labor being a component of understanding, today it has become a valuable resource, more valuable than capital and technology, it is the one that makes the difference between success or bankruptcy. a business.

“The business world is constantly changing.” This phrase has dominated and has dominated the economy for decades. Organizations draw up strategic plans, try to anticipate change, and adapt to a perpetually changing environment, expanding markets, or ever-increasing consumer demands. Human resources, in turn, must be the right ones in the right places with the right skills at the right time.

Based on these premises, the Ministry of National Education establishes by Order 3235/2005, Art. 4, the Center for Career Counseling and Guidance (CCOC) in all Universities in the country having among the main objectives the insertion on the labor market of graduates from higher education and continued in 2011 with the project “Graduates and the Labor Market”, funded by the Sectoral Operational Program Human Resources Development 2007-2013 on Priority Axis 2, “Correlating Lifelong Learning with the Labor Market” which runs until 2013. The project prepares annually the national study for monitoring the insertion on the labor market of graduates from higher education, a study in which the University of Wallachia from Târgoviște (UVT) also participates.

It is obvious that the insertion of graduates on the labor market is in direct correlation with economic development (locally but also globally) and universities must have the capacity to anticipate possible developments on the labor market. It is therefore necessary to ensure a balance between what universities offer and what employers need by developing an institutionalized communication between the two partners.

In this sense, the University of Wallachia in Târgoviște (UVT), starting with the first semester of 2012, extended the objectives of the structure of Counseling and Career Guidance of Students with the connection of the university with the economic environment. Thus, in the first half of 2012, the Office of Career Guidance and Liaison with the Economic Environment (BOCLME) was consolidated.

One of the priority tasks of BOCLME, in accordance with the UVT strategy, is to relate the University’s educational offer to the requirements of the labor market with priority given to the regional context.

In the construction started in 2012, BOCLME aims to contribute to the development of the administrative capacity of UVT regarding:

  • Determining the requirements of the target labor market
  • Defining / analyzing the competencies and qualifications that different specializations in UVT can provide (according to the CNCIS matrix)
  • Monitoring the socio-professional insertion of UVT graduates
  • Tracking and identifying clearly and concretely the market segment on which UVT is positioned according to its resources (human and material) as well as the requirements of the labor market (mainly at regional level)

The professional insertion of graduates is monitored at the university level by:

  • Departments within the faculties
  • Office of Career Guidance and Economic Relations
  • Evaluation and Quality Assurance Commission