Sigla Valahia University of Targoviste

Faculty address

Faculty leadership

  • Dean – Prof. univ. dr. Mircea Costel ANGHELINU
  • Pro-dean – Conf. univ. dr. Dumitru Dănuţ TANISLAV
  • Director Department of Physical Education and Sports – Conf.univ.dr. Cristian Florian SAVU
  • Director Department of History – Conf. univ. dr. Marian COSAC
  • Director Department of Geography – Lect. univ. dr. George MURĂTOREANU
  • Secretary-in-chief– Georgeta STOIAN

Bachelor programs

  • History
  • Geography
  • Geography of tourism
  • Physical education and sports
  • Kinetotheraphy and special Motricity

Master programs

  • Physical Education, Tourism and Leisure-Time Activities
  • Unity of the European History
  • Studies on the region of Central and Eastern Europe (in English)
  • Geographical risk phenomena and environmental quality

Doctoral programs

  • History