Sigla Valahia University of Targoviste

Faculty address

Faculty leadership

  • Dean – Pr. Prof. univ. dr. Marian VÎLCIU
  • Pro-dean – Pr. Prof. univ. dr. Florea ȘTEFAN
  • Director of Theology Department – Pr. Conf. univ. dr. Mihail TEODORESCU
  • Director of the Education Sciences Department – Conf. univ. dr. Alina Gabriela ANGHEL
  • Secretary-in-chief – Simona BARDAȘU

Bachelor programs

  • Pastoral Orthodox Theology
  • Pedagogy of Primary-School and Pre-School Education 

Master programs

  • Doctrine, Science, Mission
  • The Social and Ecumenical Doctrine of the Church in Our Times
  • Teaching strategies and learning effective communication
  • Educational management and curriculum development