Sigla Valahia University of Targoviste
Sigla Liga Studentilor


Executive board



The Students’ Union from Valahia University (Liga Studentilor din Universitatea Valahia – L.S.U.V.) is an autonomous, independent, democratically constituted, non-profit, non-affiliated and apolitical organization from Valahia University Targoviste, reuniting, based on their free will, students from all the educational forms of education from Valahia University Târgovişte, regardless of nationality, sex, age and religion.

The Students’ Union from Valahia University was constituted in order to assure the development of a normal academic activity and to defend the interests of all the students in the University.


The Students’ Union carries out its activities based on the status and the action programs adopted by its Directory Board. The Students’ Union has the following goals:

  • defence and representation of the interests of all the students in the University, promoting the competent students in the leadership structures of the faculties and of the university, in boarding commissions, Students’ Hostels and in other administrative structures that can be made up of students as well;
  • carrying out activities with a professional, social, cultural, sportive and economic character;
  • editing publications;
  • defending students’ rights in case they are infringed and if the students had to suffer physically, morally or educationally, supporting the democratic demand of other apolitical organizations and speaking out against the disregard for Human Rights.

Out of the projects realized, there are: the promotion of Valahia University Targoviste, the job market for students and the constant participation to the national students’ events.