At present, VALAHIA University of Targoviste has has eight faculties

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Scientific research white paper 2013


The Scientific and Technological Multidisciplinary Research Institute

The Scientific and Technological Multidisciplinary Research Institute (ICSTM-UVT) is an independent, apolitical and non-governmental professional organization, under the aegis of Valahia University Târgovişte, created for the participation of the university academics and of others collaborators both to the realization of research-development projects within national or international programs and to development programs through a direct collaboration with different beneficiaries.

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Research Centers accredited by the Romanian National Council for Scientific Research (CNCSIS)

Center of Scientific Research for Biotechnologies and Applied Engineering Sciences
Center of Scientific Research for the Improvement of Life and Environmental Quality in the Context of the New Information and Communication Technologies (CAVIMETIC)
Center of Economic and Administration Research and Studies
Research Center for Applied Physics
The Geography of the Rural and Urban Habitat in the Context of Sustainable Development
Research and Expertise Center for Natural Resources and Environment
Prehistory, Interdisciplinary Archeology and Conservation Techniques for the Mobile and Immobile Cultural Heritage


Research Centers acknowledged on an institutional level

Research Center for electrical engineering, electronics and information technology
Research Center „Department energy-environment”
Centre for research and studies in accounting and finance
Center for research and studies in Management and Marketing
The research of the history of international relations and cultural studies "Grigore Gafencu"
Research Center "Academic School of material science"
Research Center "Applied sciences and Technologies"
Research Center "Nanomaterials for micro-Mechanical"
Research and expertise centre of the natural resources and environment
Biotechnology and applied engineering sciences
Center for the study of the environment, habitat, activities and free time driving
Interdisciplinary research centre-Science-Faith Mission "of St. Paul"
Centre for research in social sciences
Interdisciplinary Centre for scientific research "Dumitru Staniloae"


Research Documents

Scientific research strategy at Valahia University Târgovişte
Regulations for scientific research at Valahia University Târgoviste
Members of the Scientific Committee
Research domains proposed for the Romanian Research Assessment Exercise (ENEC)
Implemented projects
Self-evaluation report VALAHIA Târgoviste 2003-2007
Evaluation methodology for the research centers from Valahia University Târgoviste



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