Universitatea VALAHIA din Targoviste are in prezent 10 facultati

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Valahia University is Getting in touch with you on Zoom!
Are you a high school student or a graduate seeking to follow a bachelor, master or doctoral degree in an EU city blending the wealth of its history with the strength of its newly built campus? Are you passionate of science, knowledge and looking for a thriving student live in a city neighboring the Capital of Romania, the main international airport, the mountain splendors of Sinaia and Bucegi? You can study and enjoy a cozy and relatively inexpensive student experience in Targoviste while having full access to the latest research discoveries, state-of-the-art study programs, high-tech technologies and modernly equipped amphitheaters, labs, seminar rooms and student dorms. 

A fully accredited high education institution awarded with the label „High Degree of Confidence” by the Romanian Ministry of Education, Valahia University is a comprehensive institution offering you study degrees in: law and public administration, business and economic sciences, electrical engineering and electronics, information technology, environment and food sciences, material and mechanical engineering, sciences (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry), history, geography and tourism, political sciences and media studies, Romanian and foreign languages (French, English), Orthodox theology, education, music and musical pedagogy, trade, tourism and services and agriculture (https://www.masterstudies.ro/universit%C4%83%C8%9Bi/Rom%C3%A2nia/Valahia-University-of-Targoviste). Some of our study programs are taught in English or French and the largest share of them in Romanian with a preparatory year of Romanian language offered in the first year of studies. 

Get in touch with us by filling in latest with 24 hours in advance the registration form available at: 


We will be online with you on Zoom on: 

22 March 2021, 12 AM - 1 PM 

29 March 2021, 12 AM - 1 PM 

5 April 2021, 12 AM - 1 PM 

12 April 2021, 12 AM - 1 PM 

19 April 2021, 12 AM - 1 PM 

10 May 2021, 12 AM - 1 PM 

17 May 2021, 12 AM - 1 PM 

24 May 2021, 12 AM - 1 PM 

31 May 2021, 12 AM - 1 PM 

7 June 2021, 12 AM - 1 PM 

14 June 2021, 12 AM - 1 PM 

28 June 2021, 12 AM - 1 PM 

5 July 2021, 12 AM - 1 PM 

12 July 2021, 12 AM - 1 PM 

19 July 2021, 12 AM - 1 PM 

6 September 2021, 12 AM - 1 PM 

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Str. Aleea Sinaia, nr. 13,
130004 Targoviste, Dambovita

Tel: +40/245/206101
Fax: +40/245/217692
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.