• University Campus

    Situated in Targoviste, 13 Aleea Sinaia Street, the Campus of Valahia University Targoviste hosts the Faculties of Engineering and Economics, the Research Institute and 3 Student Hostels that can accomodate 400 students in very good conditions …

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  • The Faculties of Valahia University Targoviste

    At present, Valahia University Targoviste has 8 faculties, encompassing fundamental domains such as Economics, Juridical Sciences, Engineering, Humanities, Theology, Arts…

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  • Alumni of Valahia University Targoviste

    Valahia University Targoviste invites its graduates to become part of its Alumni community.

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  • International Conference Center

    Valahia University Targoviste
    39 Maior Ion Alexandrescu Street,
    130021, Targoviste, Dambovita
    Email: cic@valahia.ro

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  • The Research Institute

    Multidisciplinary Scientific and Technological Research Institute (ICSTM) is an independent, apolitical and non-governmental, professional organization, juridically dependent on UVT, created…

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  • On the University

    Valahia University Targoviste provides adequate social conditions to its students (hostels, canteens, club, sport clubs etc.) and, at present, the new university campus is being built, which will complete the university assets.

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  • Targoviste Town

    “The Princely Town” reunites 15th-18th century monuments. The first princely house, surrounded by a wall made of stone, with quadrangle towers, dates since the reign of Mircea the Old. Under Vlad the Empaler (1456-1462) the Princely Court acquired new constructions, one of them being Chindia Tower.

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At present, VALAHIA University of Targoviste has has eight faculties

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Information about activities and research centers

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Academic institutional structure, invested with ...

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Documents for students, job offers of companies

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About UVT

The beginnings of higher education in Târgovişte date back to the Romanian Middle Ages, when, between 1672 and 1678, the city hosted the first Law School of Wallachia.

Higher education resumed its mission in an official establishment after the 1989 Revolution, when, in 1991, the Technical and Economic University College opened its gates. 

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